Pete Siers Trio

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The Pete Siers Trio plays the music of the Gene Krupa Trio

Krupa is loaded with first class jazz as drummer and leader, Pete Siers, reflects upon and honors one of the greatest drummers of all time - Gene Krupa. The repertoire found on this recording highlights Gene Krupa's lesser-known trio work with saxophonist Charlie Ventura and pianist Teddy Napoleon. When Krupa, with Benny Goodman, made their first recordings over 70 years ago, the music was called "The Chamber Music of Jazz," a change from the heavily-arranged big band records of the day. Pete's choice to acknowledge and respect this music with clarinetist, Dave Bennett and pianist, Tad Weed is inspired as they revel in that free-wheeling spirit of those early string bass-less trios.

Pete Siers' solo work here is outstanding, ranging across the drum kit, from the tom-toms of Sing, Sing, Sing to the metallic tinkling on Wire Brush Stomp (an I Got Rhythm variation). The former is from the Goodman discography, the latter from Krupa's. Dave's playing is amazingly facile throughout. If you think you've hear Stardust played every possible way, check out Bennett's version here. Tad's solos and accompaniment are super; try Indiana for one fine example. In addition to the Goodman and Krupa tunes, there are also some Ellington and W. C. Handy, just to remind us of our national music treasure chest.

As with the original trios, some portions of the selections are arranged. But throughout, the musicians maintain the spirit of the early trios without direct imitation. This is wonderful music, inspired by some of the greats of the past and played by three of the best musicians on today's jazz scene.

--Hazen Schumacher

Special thanks to Tad and Dave for playing their hearts out and being the gracious pals that consistently bring me new and creative energy.

Thanks also to Bill Hunkins, Hugh Leal, Jim Dapogny, Paul Keller, Paul Klinger, Ellen Rowe, Ernie Caviani, Jeff Hamilton, Crescent Cymbals and especially Charlie, Neva and Sephanie Hale - my partner, companion, and most loving inspiration.