Sandra Bomar

Chuva:The Day It Rained
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Chuva: The Day It Rained is the title of veteran Detroit jazz vocalist Sandra Bomar's debut CD on PKO Records. Sandra Bomar has created a stunning work of art with this collection of her favorite songs, recorded LIVE in a 2009 performance at Ann Arbor's famous Firefly Club. She is supported by her friends, the late pianist Steve Richko, string bassist Paul Keller and the talented 19-year-old drummer Jesse Kramer.

Sandra Bomar sings directly from her heart and holds nothing back. Throughout this amazing vocal performance, Sandra delivers a wide range of emotional content. Her interpretation of the title song Chuva is poignant and moving, while Oo, What a Little Moonlight Can Do is sung with a fun and playful, little girl quality. Sandra and the band fly high with giddy glee on I Could Have Danced All Night and her duet with Stan Maffett on Quando, Quando, Quando is sultry and steamy.

Try Your Wings is a very special song that contains a message of hope and encouragement. Sandra Bomar is an all-around optimistic person with a heart of gold; undoubtedly this is why Sandra's version of Try Your Wings is so personal and believable.

Sandra's trio is much more than a back-up band. They are all very close friends. Sandra integrates the musicians' individual offerings into a cohesive group ensemble sound. She encourages ample solo space for each player yet she retains an overall sense of order and organization within the quartet. This spirit of inclusivity and balanced teamwork gives Chuva a joyful feeling of family togetherness. Here we have a great example of the pianistic genius of Steve Richko. Steve flies effortlessly up and down the keyboard in his usual, impressive Oscar Peterson-esque style. Drummer Jesse Kramer is rock-solid and swinging in his accompaniment and wildly creative in his solo statements. Bassist Paul Keller has provided splendid trio arrangements that frame and showcase Bomar's incredible vocal expertise.

Sadly, after 10 years of successful operation, the Firefly Club closed in August of 2009. And tragically pianist Steve Richko passed away suddenly in October of 2010. Steve and Sandra were best friends and worked many gigs together over the years. Chuva: The Day It Rained now serves as a tribute to and requiem for Steve Richko and the Firefly Club, two important figures in Southeast Michigan's long and storied jazz history.