Paul Keller/Steve Richko Quintet

Swingin' The Praise
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Swingin' The Praise brings together jazz, gospel, familiar spirituals and beloved hymns in an uplifting and inspirational way that will bring a smile to your face, buoy your spirit and keep your toes tapping! Swingin' The Praise is Paul's 2009 collaboration with his close friend, pianist Steve Richko. Here, Paul and Steve lead a quintet featuring guitarist Randy Napoleon, saxophonist Ben Jansson and drummer Sean Dobbins as they swing their praises to God for his many blessings.

Swingin' The Praise is loaded with fun, new arrangements by Paul and Steve of well-known sacred songs and jazz influenced tunes that convey a spirit of gratefulness. Paul, Steve, Ben, Randy and Sean are old friends who have played together for many years and their happy attitude reflecting the joy of playing jazz is evident throughout Swingin' The Praise. They have a ball as they romp through these good old church tunes with their chops flying everywhere!

Ben Jansson brings fire, freedom and friendliness to this session. His sound is rich, warm and passionate. Ben's tenor sax style honors his traditional jazz heroes Dexter Gordon, Sonny Stitt, Ben Webster and Lester Young yet his modern sensibilities keep him on the cutting edge of today's music.

Randy Napoleon is well known for his work with the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, The Benny Green Trio, vocal superstar Michael Buble and pianist/vocalist Freddie Cole (brother of Nat King Cole). Sean Dobbins pedigree includes world tours with Cyrus Chestnut and Johnny O'Neal as well as numerous performances with David "Fathead" Newman, Sonny Fortune and Jon Hendricks. Sean gives Swingin' The Praise an energy and life that is consistent with the CD's theme of joyful thanks to and glorification of Almighty God.

Swingin' The Praise is recorded in fantastic audio clarity by Robert Martens at Solid Sound Recording Studios. Solid Sound has a beautiful Yamaha grand piano and only the finest microphones and equipment. Rob Martens is the best at what he does and he knows Paul's sound and style. This CD was mastered by Rob's right-hand-man Eric Wojahn. Rob, Eric and Paul have worked together on many CD projects over the years and they have distilled their recording and post-production process to fine art. They share a commitment to the music and to the highest quality production values.

Swingin' the Praise not only sounds great but also looks great! Graphic designer Cheryl Miller has created a splendid, artistic CD package that features excellent photography by Paul's dear friend John Lilley. Michael Tanner and Sue Gillis of World Class Tapes provided technical support and assistance in the final production of this CD. Executive producers Denny, Marilyn and Brett Boneck have worked together with Paul on clarinetist Chuck Hedges' 2007 PKO Records CD Sweet And Lovely as well as Keller's More Christmas Songs For Jazz Lovers and The Michigan Jazz Suite. The long-term relationships and dedication to excellence of the Bonecks, Rob, Eric, Cheryl, Michael, Sue, John, Paul, Steve, Randy, Ben and Sean all combine to make Swingin' The Praise one of PKO Records best CDs to date!