To Oscar, With Love: A Tribute To Oscar Peterson
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To Oscar, With Love: A Tribute To Oscar Peterson features the young, piano wizard Steve Richko, the prolific bassist Paul Keller and the dazzling drummer Pete Siers performing a heart-felt homage to the musical legacy and genius of the world's greatest jazz pianist, Dr. Oscar Peterson.

To Oscar, With Love: A Tribute To Oscar Peterson salutes OP with performances of several of Oscar's compositions and arrangements including classic songs from Oscar's Canadiana Suite, Frank Sinatra and West Side Story albums. The Richko/Keller/Siers Trio also presents several of their own original arrangements created in the style of the Oscar Peterson Trio. Oscar Peterson developed and elevated the art of the jazz trio. The Richko/Keller/Siers Trio uses Oscar's high standards as the bar by which all other jazz performances are measured. To Oscar, With Love: A Tribute To Oscar Peterson is an entertaining musical event that amazes and delights casual listeners as well as serious jazz purists.

To Oscar, With Love: A Tribute To Oscar Peterson begins with Oscar's technically challenging composition Noreen’s Nocturne. Steve Richko and Paul Keller have expanded upon OP's original version to include a drum ensemble section that crescendos into the magnificent recap of the theme. Steve Richko shows his appreciation for the virtuosic Peterson piano-style throughout this wonderful CD with splendid Oscar-isms peppered throughout his improvised solos. Paul Keller and Pete Siers provide explosive energy, strong support and great solos in the spirit of Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen.

Steve Richko and Paul Keller collaborated to create this OP-inspired arrangement of Tangerine. The trio really sinks its teeth into this intricate piece that sports unison piano and bass lines, stop-and-go effects, a dramatic shout chorus and a surprise ending. Tangerine is an epic adventure in swing!

Bossa Beguine is a fast-paced, bossa nova composed by Oscar Peterson and arranged by Paul. Pete Siers puts "the shake" on this one and establishes an intense groove with the wire brushes.