Charged Particles


Charged Particles – artists who utilize the precepts of the original fusion movement, churn out original material, and reshape the compositions of their heroes. Much as Charged Particles has a neo-jazz fusion identity, the band lives larger than that limiting tag. 
They are quite capable of playing modern post bop American popular song standards, Brazilian tunes, or out and out funky music. A trio that radiates a confidence and power few small ensembles can boast. 

Keyboardist Caleb Hutslar exploits the full spectrum of electronic and acoustic pianos to set the tone for the trio’s melodic foundation. Bassist Michael Rak is an educator helping his students gain proficiency on 25 different instruments and anchors the bottom of the band. Percussionist Jon Krosnick uses a distinct, expansive orchestral approach. He can swing like mad, play complex Latin-influenced polyrhythms, and drives the band with a rhythmic spirit.

Sparks is an all original CD, written by the band members. It starts out with Rak's "Evening Street" a salsa-inspired groove entertaining several sub-melodies, some darker, with unison bass-keyboard lines and room for Krosnick to work out. Spacy concepts from Hutslar and a tick-tock rhythmic pulse identify "Peladon". Leading to "Monopoly" which is a hard funk jam in every respect.

The trio's range of composition and performance ability is expansive on this CD. Where an animated phrase of hyper-kinetic piano leads and follows a hopping samba, bristling with Rak's bubbling bass lines. Or, a sensitive ballad with a melody that is fresh, breezy and intriguing. The trio shifts gears frequently, sometimes in mid-stream, the mixing and matching of rock, funk, and avant elements are equally blended.     
Charged Particles has a personalized musical stance and image not dictated by the latest commercial trend or what the conservative jazz world deems currently popular or hip.

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