Mr. B and the Bird of Paradise Orchestra

Hallelujah Train
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On paper it didn't seem possible. Taking a fiery, beans and beer boogie woogie piano player like Mark (Mr. B) Braun, and shoving him up against the power of Paul Keller's solidly built jazz big band that spends as much time engaging the massive talents of its soloists as it does playing swinging arrangements. But the proof was on the tape when these cats showed up at the Ark in front of a live audience, laid down this unbelievably passionate, unruly date, and laid the crowd out with the surprise and immediacy that only an unlikely pairing like this can bring.

Over 11 numbers (the last one recorded at the 1994 Montreux-Detroit Jazz Fest), band and B, or as the sleeve notes, B and BOP, take to the heart of the music and deliver one of 1995's greasiest, steamiest and ultimately finest releases, with a collaboration that is equal parts a gumbo of blues, gospel and R&B, and orchestral jazz in the Count Basie tradition.

METROTIMES , October 1995