Paul Keller Trio

Live at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe - Set 1
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This album - Set 1 - and its accompanying album - Set 2 - are dedicated to the memory of our dear departed friend and genius jazz pianiat, Steve Richko.  Steve and I were very close - like brothers. We talked to each other almost every day. We loved rehearsing and working together on new music. We played many rewarding gigs together - mostly with Pete Siers, Sean Dobbins, Ralph Tope, Ben Jansson and Jesse Kramer - who shines on drum set throughout these Dirty Dog recordings.  Steve's untimely death on October 3, 2010 shocked and saddened everyone who knew him and loved him. He was only 34 years old. 

Now, five years later, we offer to you these recorded performances from Saturday night - the last night of our four-night run at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe - a gig that we loved and played often. 

As you enjoy this music and marvel at Steve's amazing musicianship, also remomher what a sweet guy he was - a loving son, a devoted father and a great friend. We love you and miss you, Stevie-Boy! • Steve Richko: Gone, but not forgottan • 

Paul Keller, July 2015