Pete Siers Quartet

Organic Roots

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The title of this CD, Organic Roots, is a quadruple-entandre that references a firm foundation based on tradition; natural, free flowing jazz improvisation; individual and ensemble growth through the investments of time, research and empathy; and a clever pun on the spotlighting of the Hammond B-3 Organ sound. Organic Roots features this particular version of the Pete Siers Quartet with the drummer as leader, Duncan McMillan playing soulfully and supportively on B-3 and two awesome tenor saxophonists Keith Kaminski and Ben Jansson who strut their chops and add copious amounts of grease, all in service of the delight and enjoyment of the listener.

Pete Siers has become well-known not only as everybody's favorite sideman/drummer but also as the leader of a variety of creative ensembles ranging from the traditional piano/bass/drums trio to his latin/jazz quintet Los Gatos to his Organic Roots Band. With Organic Roots, Pete Siers has once again given us another important creative statement that will both entertain and enlighten everyone who hears it.