Firefly Club House Musicians

A Week In The Life Of The Firefly Club

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This CD is an expression of thanks from the house musicians of the Firefly Club to Susan Chastain, owner of the Firefly Club, for all that she does to keep jazz alive in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The 45 or so house musicians of the Firefly Club have banded together, donating their time, talent and money to produce this compilation CD featuring the seven groups that perform regularly at the Firefly Club. The proceeds from the sale of A Week In The Life Of The Firefly Club go directly to support the operating budget of the FFC. Susan has created a beautiful home for these many musicians to work, entertain, learn, develop, socialize and bond. For all that she has done, the musicians honor Susan Chastain with this recording.

In addition to her many duties running the Firefly Club, Susan also sings with several of the bands that appear there weekly. So, rightly, her vocal abilities are prominently displayed here on five of the tracks. The FFC hosts an array of outstanding local and national jazz acts throughout the year but this CD spotlights the seven bands that perform there week in and week out.